BELTTT global exhibition over the years
Time: 2017-03-20 Reads: 803 Edit: Admin

As the most developed country of the world electronic industry, Chinese enterprises have strong advantage in the respect of power inverter and cost control of solar power systems.Therefore, facing huge market of nearly $20 billion, the ice-breaking development trend is stronger and stronger of BELTTT inverter and solar power generation systems.

 Inverter, as the essential device of electric equipment, its application market involves electrical and electronic equipment, electronic testing equipment, control equipment, computer, household appliances, on-board equipment, outdoor sports and other industries. In recent years, with the further development of Chinese information industry, the enterprise informatization to increase, the market for inverter and solar power generation systems will grow continuously and stably. In the coming period of time, the inverter move toward to green, miniature, high efficiency, diversification and integration.  The inverter industry in our country will also be more mature.

Since BELTTT established, has been committed to the brand and product promotion and got good grades. Over the years, BELTTT take” show achievement,  popularize technology, negotiate business, promote cooperation” as development targets and attend a series of trade shows in the global. Here we review the wonderful and memorable moments of our past exhibitions.