Find the beauty of nature
Time: 2017-03-20 Reads: 1239 Edit: Admin

Poojin Electric welcomed the annual travel activity. The destination of this activity is qingyuan yingde crystal palace. The scenic area is located in the 7.2 km southwest of YanZiYan mountains, Yingde, qingyuan city, it covers 3.8 square kms, there are morn than 100 rock features inside the hole of crystal palace and a large number of mineral resources, such as stalagmites, stalactite , curtain, stone flower and there is a green lake which is to be on a par with Zhaoqing qingxi lake. Trees of wave umbrella oasis, elegant and quiet of peach blossom spring, previous and fantastic of rock and banyan. There is a huang dong reservoir which can view beautiful landscape and other natural resources. Enjoyed various of crystal palace scenery, tasted a variety of qingyuan dainty snacks,  felt the rock inscription from famous poet and this scenic spot gave us a deep impression.

Through this activity, the staff can not only pretty relaxing the body, but also not much contact of the colleagues have the opportunity to grow to know each other and believe that the future work will be more efficient.